Our Project Motivation

        Living in a progressive society, where everything speeds faster and faster, in an era of technology and digital information, we realize that we, teachers and parents must change our vision, our means, our methods, our attitude, in order to offer to the children the best education we can, to help them gain skills, form positive attitudes towards the world, towards school and education.
       So, from our needs, from our children needs and from the society's actual and future requests, we decided to launch our project, Modern Teacher.
      Creativity represents a fundamental condition of quality education, one of the prerequisites of performance, enabling progress in school and in social plan, combining imagination, perseverance, and motivation, in order to achieve the new and the innovative. The future will surely put accent to creative thinking. Using STEAM, we can transform our classes in a creative environment. Our students have to learn new ways of approaching problems and how to make great decisions towards them and the world. In all partner kindergartens, the activities are already integrated, the thematic projects are used, and the students are working in similar interest centers or sectors, like: Science, Arts, Mathematics, Construction, Role Playing Game. So, "the first base" for our STEAM activities are already built, we have a good start point. This approach will be very good for our kindergarten students, because the preschool age is the period when the bases of the adult personalities are set and the most important skills are formed, like specialists affirmed.
        Making our activities interesting and attractive in an safe, warm and dynamic environment, helping children learn in a funny way, will not only improve our students thinking processes, creativity and skills, but will also reduce the number of children that are coming rarely to the kindergarten or not coming at all, the poor children will have the opportunity to learn in a modern way and use modern technology, and special needs children or with learning difficulties will stay focused longer in activities, will gain and keep attention easier, will understand and learn easily, form more durable skills faster. Working in pairs and small groups will strengthen cooperation, friendship and form team-work ability. During our STEAM activities, we will develop thematic projects according to children's age, individual particularities and interest areas, we will use modern methods and techniques, Virtual Reality, simple coding, robots, electric circuits and Augmented Reality.


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